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90 Warren Road, Woodingdean, Brighton, BN2 6BA

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Johny's Wares Key Cutting in Woodingdean

Johny's Wares offers key cutting, general hardware and much more for the home and garden. We are a fast, friendly and reliable local business based in Woodingdean, Brighton. Our new key cutting machine can cut 80% of all UK keys, including door keys, garage door keys, padlock keys, bike keys and both old and new style car keys.

Key Cutting Machine - Johny's Wares - key cutting in brightonJohny's Wares key cutting machine

Key Cutting Machine - Johny's Wares - key cutting in brighton

We can cut most keys quickly in store while you wait. We can cut a wide range of different keys for a variety of vehicles and doors, and we also offer a great range of key accessories all at competitive prices.

We cut cylinder keys

Cylinder Key - johnys wares - key cutting in woodingdean

We cut Mortice keys

Mortice Key - johnys wares - woodingdean

We cut old fashioned car and bike keys

Car Keys - johnys wares - brighton

Sometimes for various reasons, they key may not work first time. If this is indeed the case, come back into the store and we will re-cut the key no questions asked!

We have key accessories

Key accessories - johnys wares - key accessories in brighton

More accessories

Key cutting - johnys wares - key cutting

We have various key tags

Key tags - johnys wares - keys in woodingdean

We are happy to offer advice and suggestions to help with your Key Cutting queries. Pop in to see us , or you can get in contact with us on 01273 699123 or email us at shop@johnyswares.com. if you require key cutting in the Woodingdean or Brighton area. come and see us!

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Chuka Umunna, Shadow Business Secretary, visits Johny's Wares in Woodingdean

chuka umanna - visits Johnys Wares Woodingdean

In the lead up to the 2015 General Election, Chuka Umunna paid a visit to local businesses and small companies in Woodingdean, Brighton. The Small Business Saturday Campaign, and other similar initiatives in support of local companies, was led by Umunna and backed by American Express to highlight small business success and to encourage consumers to 'shop local'.

Umunna praised the dedication and hard work of businesses like Johny's Wares, local key cutting and hardware store, and stressed the importance of their entrepreneurship and success in improving the UK economy.

Chuka said, “What strikes everyone who visits Brighton and Hove is the sheer range and diversity of small businesses in the city. This diversity must be celebrated [...] to support start-up firms and local stores like those on Warren Road in Woodingdean."

Johny's Wares were delighted by Umunna's visit and appreciation, and owner Johny said “It was great to meet Chuka today and explain how we set up our business and how we work closely with the community in Woodingdean to ensure we offer the goods and services they are looking for. It was also great fun showing Chuka how to use our special key cutting machine!"

You can see how our local news sheet - The Argus reported the story here

chuka umanna - key cutting Johnys Wares brighton

Come and support local entrepreneurship and visit Johny's Wares on 90 Warren Road, Woodingdean, Brighton.