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Utility bills & SIM cards Top-up at Johny's Wares !

Pay your Utility and Bill Payments at Johny's Wares!

We know you are busy, that's why we at Johny's Wares makes it easy for you to pay your household bills while you are out doing your shopping. Simply pop into our store and pay your bill. It's free ZERO charge!

Most of the major utility companies, along with over 90% of local authorities and 600 housing associations accept Payzone. So, whether you want to pay your electricity, gas or water bill, or even your council tax or rent, just bring your bill, we'll make the payment and it's done!

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Top Up your Mobile phone and SIM cards at Johny's Wares too!

Johny's Wares Payzone is accepted by all the major networks and also by many of the newer Pay-As-You-Go networks, making it easy and convenient for you to top up

Did you know that we now hold a variety of SIM cards for you to purchase? From the major networks such as O2 and Orange to cheap rates on International calls – There is a SIM for you!
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International Calling Cards

Johny's Wares Payzone can offer you a huge range of International calling card top-ups and vouchers. So, whether you want to purchase a new International calling card or voucher or simply top up your existing card, visit Johny's Wares store and get great rates for all of your calls abroad.

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The Health Lottery at Johny's Wares!

You can purchase your Health Lottery ticket TODAY at Johny's Wares!
The Health Lottery operates a lottery game which is specifically designed to raise money for the society lotteries participating in the Health Lottery Scheme, with 20p of every £1 ticket purchased supporting local health causes in the participating society lottery's area.
The Health Lottery's game structure is straightforward and easy to play and prizes are never shared. For more information on The Health Lottery and the money you can win click here

health lottery - johnys wares - health lottery in woodingdean